Waist and Back Support (1)
Waist and Back Support (1)

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Waist and Back Support

Back and abdomen are mainly constructed by the five selection lumbar vertebra, the middle part linked by inter-vertebral disc, muscle closest to the vertebra serves to stabilize trunk, and being core muscles to transmit strength, they are small and fine. External muscle is the large muscle group to provide back bending, moving backward, lateral bending and turning.

Lack of core muscle strength, improper warm-up and bad posture will lead to back muscle strain, ligament sprain. If hit, fall or improper posture, will lead to Herniated Inter-vertebral Disc, vertebral dislocation, fracture and other serious problem. 

Through pressurized back support, it will reduce back action to deviate excessively, hence to protect complex back muscle; with its support bar shares the oppression strength during back bending, it protects the vertebra and inter-vertebral disc tissue, and therefore able provides maximum protection and prevent injury.

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